HPWP Blogging Presentation 6.17.09

What is a blog? What is blogging?

How do teachers use blogs?

To explore professional issues

To interact with students and others as part of a class

To publish student work

To communicate with students and families

To share lesson plans, materials, and ideas

To house e-portfolios

Who else blogs and why?

Students use blogs as part of a class and for their own purposes.

Administrators use blogs to interact with others.

Writers use blogs to publish their work.

All kinds of people use blogs for all kinds of reasons.

The US Government and its agencies use blogs to share information.

Journalists and news sites blog as a way of interacting with their readers/viewers.

How can I start blogging?

Free online blog hosts

Well-known and established sites

Newer and unknown sites

Other social networking sites

Resources on Blogging with Children

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